Astaxanthin and vitamin C complex as the ultimate in antioxidant activity

Part of our body’s healthy balance is a well-maintained equilibrium between oxidative stress and the antioxidant defense in the body. This balance can be broken temporarily in many undesired circumstances*.

Dietary antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C play a major role in maintaining the homeostasis of the oxidative balance*. Also, a reduced dietary antioxidant intake was found to be associated with oxidative stress. Therefore, nutritional antioxidants help maintaining healthy lipid and protein oxidation and help supporting healthy immune system*.

Choosing an optimal antioxidant supplementation strategy may involve two important cellular elements that are part of every living cell. These are the cytoplasm, which is the inter-cellular fluid that contains nutrients, proteins, signal messengers and so on, and the cellular membrane and all the molecules and macro-structures associated with it. We have found that a combination of astaxanthin and vitamin C may well be that optimal combination*.


The ultimate antioxidant. It integrates into every living cells’ membranes and provides pivotal antioxidant properties for membrane’s lipids peroxidation and therefore crucial for the cell’s integrity and functionality*.

Vitamin C

A ubiquitous water-soluble antioxidant. It offers a broad cytoplasmic antioxidative activity including the ability to regenerate other antioxidants such as vitamin E.*

A combination of vitamin C and astaxanthin may therefore serve as a good strategy to maintain health*. Additionally, since both astaxanthin and Vitamin C are present in specific microenvironment in cell’s compartments, we believe that a combination of astaxanthin with vitamin C can helo support a healthy immune system*.



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