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RED SOURCETM is a science-driven health & wellness brand dedicated to offer unique, high-end products that are exciting and fun to take in order to best support the well-being of our customers. The top 4 principals guiding our approach are: Science and Technology, Sustainability and Integrity.

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Science and Technology

We believe that cutting-edge and sustainable technologies will continue to impact consumer’s demand. Therefore, we intend to be one of the forces driving change through responsible and accountable consumer and environment-centric innovation. The choice of launching a fermented-derived ingredient address that main challenge. Astaferm® goes one step beyond what is available today and is offering a completely new, tasteful experience for astaxanthin while raising the sustainability bar even higher. It does so through multiple elements of innovation from the micro-organism in use to the actual fermentation and purification stages and onto the final formulation and application. Each stage breaks an older convention of what can truly be done and how. The gummies we have introduced are a great example for achieving high dosage of astaxanthin with great flavor.  We will continue to develop products along these same lines of responsible innovation for the well-being of our customers.



Implementing our commitment to a more sustainable future we have decided to rely on fermentation technology as the main vehicle for producing active ingredients for our products. Fermentation uses minimal resources of land, water and electricity and utilize food industry’s waste stream. The use of closed vessels minimizes the exposure to and from the environment and the risks associated with that. Throughout our supply chain we emphasize transparency and the use of non-GMO, vegan-friendly raw materials.


Our goal is to provide an innovative product with the highest quality standards while ensuring complete transparency and reliability to all our customers. Our supply chain meets FDA-food regulation standards and our raw materials are vegan-friendly and non-GMO.

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